Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bye Bye 2016.... Happy Healthy New Year 2017

It's already been 365 days and we've rotated around the sun! Where did the time go?  As I sit here and reflect on 2016 -- a lot has happened, a lot of growth and a lot of challenges, a lot of tears and a lot of laughs.
Once again we continue to gain lots of memories on the mountain and loving the winter season on the mountain.  The season just started for us again this 2017 season and its started off to a great start.  Lots of snow! 
For 2016 one of my favorite shots on the mountain which just happened right before New Years! 

Gods creations at its best!
Bailey using her new snow board!

Let's wrap up 2016 and move on!
*Jan - March 2016 winter up at the mountain house (photo from last week). 

*Oregon football - Work gathering...  Ducks beat USC!

*Bailey and Parker finish up 3rd grade and Kindergarten successfully! Moved onto summer break with dad and a soccer camp. 

*Indiana family trip -- Hetherington family camp and Visiting families.  Lots of photos to share but not on my phone!

*Friends visit! Angie (college roommate) and family visits! So much fun with them. And once again no photos to share right now. When one of your best friends visit what a great time and how easy it is to pick up where you left off. 

*Uncle Chris visits with cousin Zander!  Will need to find a few more photos to post!

*i go to Rio for the 2016 Olympics! A 
3 1/2 week long work trip! Amazing experience but I did miss my love bugs!! 

*After Rio a family vacation needed! Road  trip to Red Woods and Yosmite National Park  (10 days) camping and driving (a lot)... this photo below of us in the 'drive thru' tree was us literally waking up and driving (and you can tell).  I did not want to post... :)   

Our 5 mile hike in the Red Woods (by the way we didn't plan on 5 miles).  

The most amazing part of our trip was Yosemite.  3 days was not enough...  another beautiful National Park.

*School starts again! Bailey starts 4th grade and Parker 1st grade!
Parker getting on bus with her bestie neighbor Ellia!

Bailey at her locker!

*Wrapping up summer with our annual friend camping trip.... Timothy Lake!

 *Another Indiana trip... How lucky are we and it was a 'girls' trip.  The girls were super excited to go back to Indiana again!   We made a special trip to hang with Aunt Angie and it was my High school 25 year reunion.  Wow now that's crazy to think about.  Here are some family shots!

*September 26 - Parker turns 7!  Parker is a strong active girl, very thoughtful, respectful and loving  who LOVES obstacle courses.... so that's what we did for her.  We built her an obstacle course for her and friends.  It was amazing!  I think we could take this on the road!


*Halloween!  One of our favorite holidays because it brings out the 'artist' in you!  The scary artist for my girls!

*Bailey Turns 10!  Double digits... are you serious?!  I was heading to work a few days ago and saw a women dropping off her baby at the child center and I thought to myself -WOW I was doing that 10 years ago!  That seems like a LONG time ago.... but it's not all at the same time.  Bailey is such a fun and funny girl who is clever and loves music (although she refuses to continue taking piano lessons) who is also strong and loves to play soccer (and Roller Blade).  So we decided to take LOTS of girls roller blading! BUT I can't find the photo's from her birthday party so for now I'll post one of her and Parker roller skating.  They really have gotten into Roller blading this past year and before I left for Rio this summer I got them both a pair of roller blades.  
Oh what fun....

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